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The 4 Steps to Appearing (and becoming) more confident

Contrary to popular belief, confidence isn’t just an innate quality you either possess or you don’t. While some people are naturally more confident than others, it’s important to remember that confidence is a skill that you can learn just like everything else. Appearance matters. It’s not just a question of feeling good about yourself, it’s […]

Top 4 reasons why you should work with a recruitment agency

2020 didn’t just threaten Malta’s collective health, it gave a devastating blow to businesses across every industry. As minimising costs becomes increasingly more important in order to survive, the question follows: How can hiring a recruitment agency help me reduce expenditure? Working with an agency to hire recruits and manage your team’s development sounds like […]

How to set your employees up for success (and guarantee your own)

Yes, the numbers don’t lie, we are gradually moving to an age of more short-term jobs, online gigs and freelance work, but that doesn’t make you shouldn’t be trying your best to turn good employees into long-term partners. In a sea of transient contracts, long-term relationships have become more valuable than ever. Think about it […]

4 steps to make your office work for you

Pandemic or not, big or small, most businesses face the same key issues. How do I increase productivity? How do I decrease downtime? We spend more time per day with work colleagues than we do with our loved ones back at home. It then follows that our offices and workspaces need to offer an environment […]

Defeating Distractions: 4 Strategies to Fine-tune your focus

Here’s a secret: Focusing and defeating distractions doesn’t get easier. It doesn’t matter if you’re a manager, an executive or you’re just starting out at a company, losing track of time is a problem almost everyone struggles with. Concentration is something you have to work on every day, and while there are times when you […]

5 steps to giving a great on boarding experience for new employees

You don’t get a second chance at making a great first impression. We’re not saying there’s no fixing a relationship after a lacklustre on boarding experience, but how you start things off with a new employee will make a big difference. When you dedicate time and resources to building out a comprehensive employee onboarding process, […]

6 Top Online tools every businesses should be using

Using the right tools can bring about tremendous growth in business. But the applications and software we have listed below are not only there to accelerate your team’s progress, they can also be the lifesaver you need in times of crisis, mitigating costs and maximising value. Many of the contenders we have listed below offer […]