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Crossroads Consulting Ltd is a niche recruitment agency, experienced in staffing & recruitment, training, human resources services, payroll outsourcing and consulting for specialised industries.

We bridge the gap between the employers and job seekers aiming for the best matching of talent vis-à-vis the job descriptions, aspirations and career paths. We strive to anticipate the market forces and be on the forefront to advise on the evolution of the employment market to give the best value experience both to our clientele and to candidates.

We assume the role of in-house human resource departments of medium and large-size organizations and we hand hold clients in developing skills for understanding and managing their people.

We assist individuals to draw up their career plans, development of their talent and to advise on  the best job opportunities throughout their career path that match their aspirations.


Your Recruitment Harbour

To the candidates : to provide individual attention to anyone wishing to progress in one’s career by devoting our knowledge in recruitment and encouraging successful career progression.

To the employers : in this dynamic world we vow to understand your recruitment needs and be the matchmaker which brings together the right candidates with the right employers with the aim of achieving a positive growth experience together.


Recruitment can be time consuming and a headache in terms of finding the proper match. We believe that you shall focus on your core business activity and we can take up the rest. Crossroads will enable you to improve your recruitment experience in matching the best talent with less effort, time & cost.


Are you ambitious, with drive and determined to be successful? Are you in search of a good quality work environment? Crossroads is a recruitment firm who can help you nurture and develop your business qualities.


The Crossroads team is composed of recruitment specialists from various fields of specialisation and cater for startup and growing businesses seeking industry specific profiles in various sectors. You can trust us with your payroll function, human resources services and training.

Real support by real people

We offer the best support and service you can imagine. Use our support forum if you got any question and our team will reach out to you!

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