2020 didn’t just threaten Malta’s collective health, it gave a devastating blow to businesses across every industry. As minimising costs becomes increasingly more important in order to survive, the question follows: How can hiring a recruitment agency help me reduce expenditure?

Working with an agency to hire recruits and manage your team’s development sounds like an extra step in the short run, but it brings about a wealth of advantages in the long run. In this article, we go over what we believe are the most important benefits.

1. Short-term and long-term cost savings

In business, as in life, time is money. Recruitment agencies don’t just take care of the initial step of the hiring process, depending on your contract, an agency will schedule interviews, prepare candidates with the training and information they need, run background checks, communicate with interviewees, and in some cases, deal with a host of administrative and HR issues.

One major mistake companies make is to not follow up on job interviews. Even if you’re rejecting someone, it’s still essential to communicate with them. Marketing can do a lot to project a good image for your company, but nothing can be as devastating as bad opinions about your attitude spreading through word-of-mouth.

2. Additional services

Say you don’t have the resources to have a human resources department at your company, a full-service recruitment agency like our own can handle payroll, employee complaints, training and development, as well as aid your team improve traffic flow and operations. Basically, a recruitment agency can act as your in-house HR management team. By outsourcing this service, your company can remain entirely focused on its core competencies and avoid spreading yourself too thin.

If your business has a job position available with an uncertain salary, a recruitment agency is ideally placed to give you an accurate market rate using salary data and local market knowledge.

3. Finding the right talent

If you use a recruitment agency, you’re statistically more likely to access the best job-seekers on the market; candidates who are actively looking for a new job position are more likely to register with a recruitment agency due to their efficiency.

Most agencies will position job vacancy adverts on a range of job boards, understanding the logistics and marketing value behind using each one – invaluable knowledge that can only be accessed from working in the recruitment sector.

4. Identifying the right direction for your team to grow

One of the biggest problems companies incur when handling recruitment themselves is that they don’t look for the right skills required by their agency to grow in the most profitable direction. Companies often fall into the trap of looking for an employee to solve a short term problem that can more easily be solved by restructuring your present team or investing in new software.

A recruitment agency will use its insights into other companies working in the same industry as you are to provide guidance on which positions you should be recruiting for, identify the right time for you to grow your team, and assess the most cost effective composition for your team.

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