Using the right tools can bring about tremendous growth in business. But the applications and software we have listed below are not only there to accelerate your team’s progress, they can also be the lifesaver you need in times of crisis, mitigating costs and maximising value. Many of the contenders we have listed below offer comprehensive, free trials. Other criterias we considered are online reviews, references and popularity.

  1. Make contact with Acquire

Acquire is a multi-channel platform that allows you to track, chat and manage conversations with customers. Acquire’s inbox integrates with Whatsapp, Facebook, Skype and most apps you can think of.

Customers want you to give them the information they want right now, not in three hours. With a chat system like Acquire, you and your team can keep easy, continuous contact with customers anytime, anywhere.

The extra mile:

Their AI-based sales bot will manage online interactions of customers across multiple channels and then report back to you with their needs. Meanwhile, cobrowse and screen share allows you to assist customers immediately and effectively.

Close contenders:

Freshdesk, Ytel

  1. Follow the numbers with ZipBooks

Aside from issuing invoices in an easy and seamless manner, ZipBooks is dedicated to recording and tracking all your numbers, from recurring expenses, accounts payables, and other financial transactions quickly and easily.

Businesses tend to face steeper and steeper challenges when tracking expenditures, revenue and profit becomes a problem. With ZipBooks automated bookkeeping, handling your accounts is no longer a mathematical nightmare.

The extra mile:

Their online tutorials are informative and easy to follow.

Close contenders:

GnuCash, YouNeedABudget,

  1. Take things one step at a time with Wunderlist

Contrary to popular belief, multitasking actually reduces productivity. If you want to make the most of your time, then it’s smarter to execute one task after the other. Wunderlist is a strong nominee for first place when it comes to organising and keeping track of your to-do list With a little help from Wunderlist reminder, you get to keep your priorities straight and stay on top of every activity.

Close contenders:


  1. Get going with G-Suite

From cloud storage to document writing to calendar management, G-Suite equips organizations with flexible tools that are essential for almost any day business.

The extra mile:

Google has been leading the technological landscape for a reason: it’s managed to offer most of the utilities we need in our daily lives at no direct monetary cost.

Close contenders:

Dropbox, Zoho Workplace,

  1. Collaborate with Zoom

Remote working has a pletora of benefits, but face-to-face contact is equally essential. Zoom is a video collaboration tool for real-time communications.

The extra mile

Zoom’s great audio and video quality prevents noise interference and features a number of interactive technologies to enhance your communication.

Close contenders:

Google Hangouts Meet, Skype

  1. Get an extra pair of eyes with Grammarly

Almost any business requires regular exchange of emails and documents. Grammatical mistakes can result in poor communication and reflect badly on you and your business. Grammarly provides helpful suggestions to correct spelling, replace with simpler words, use precise diction and avoid other common errors related to lexis and syntax.

The extra mile

Grammarly does not correct or help with Maltese, which is a shame. This is the best Maltese spell checker we know of. If you know any other that may be better, please send us a message!

Close contenders to Grammarly:

ProWritingAid, WhiteSmoke

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